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Amazing Progress

Amazing Progress

Want to know what customers are saying about the effectiveness of our New Skin™ products? This is just one more testimonial voluntarily sent to us by a satisfied customer. Enjoy the following Amazing Progress story and be convinced of the natural healing, that you too, can experience by using our skin care products.



First of all, I wish to inform you that I have been using the Miracle Cure™ Duo for 6 days now but am using it once a day and I am already starting to see some progress.

I had a bump like pimple (ingrown hair) and it was there for quite some time now but after using this product Method 1 for 6 days now, I am already seeing this ingrown pimple bump, reduced in size.

Also, the pigmented area is becoming clearer, the way it was before and I am quite amazed by the progress in just 6 days.

What my dermatologist prescribed me took a long time but with this 'Miracle Product', I am seeing something that's actually doing its work.

For me, this is how I do it, after my shower or bath, I apply the Oil and then the Blemish Drops (Method 1) around my bikini area and actually let it work for 30 minutes.

It's true that I have to keep patience and I am, it really is starting to work.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these lovely products.

- Kate Colomb, Geneva, SWITZERLAND