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Most Reliable

Most Reliable

Want to know what customers are saying about the effectiveness of our New Skin™ products? This is just one more testimonial voluntarily sent to us by a satisfied customer. Enjoy the following Most Reliable story and be convinced of the natural healing, that you too, can experience by using our skin care products.



Just to let you know...and, being in Advertising/Marketing, I don't often freely offer testimonials...I bought your product and think it is great!

It dries new blemishes in a day or less; I am honestly stunned at the results, being quite the skeptic when it comes to all things complexion.

As a 38 year-old male still plagued by blemishes - I take Minocyline, have occasional Power peels, facials, etc. - I am always seeking worthy products.

Yours, by far, has proven the most reliable!

Moreover, I am currently utilizing the expensive Obagi NuDerm peeling line of products, which can cause sporadic acne breakouts...your product has dried and cleared those flare-ups swiftly without impeding or interacting with the Obagi.

Thanks for creating this product!

Glad I ordered two - one for my home, and one for my Key West, Florida getaway.

Now I can travel there and know, if I have a...break-out, help is one medicine cabinet away!

(the next day:)

Again, I awoke with a stupid whitehead on my chin-more side-effects of Obagi, I believe.

I dabbed a small drop on it this AM; by dinner hour, its swelling had decreased, redness virtually gone, none of that all-too-familiar stinging/soreness.

Best of luck.

In a world of marginal creams and lotions and potions that do more harm than good, yours is the first I can say unequivocally works.

I haven't even tried it yet on old scars - merely on acne - so the jury's still out.

But I have every confidence it will have the same effect!

- Rodney Ross, Indianapolis, Indiana USA