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Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Want to know what customers are saying about the effectiveness of our New Skin™ products? This is just one more testimonial voluntarily sent to us by a satisfied customer. Enjoy the following Old Faithful story and be convinced of the natural healing, that you too, can experience by using our skin care products.



2 years now....I have to tell you that I stopped using your products for a short time, because I was introduced to some Obagi products by my husband's dermatologist.

These products promised all sorts of miracles relative to acne, acne scars, dark patches (age spots), wrinkles, etc...I thought it must be good stuff, because it is doctor recommended.

I began using Obagi and part of the system I was using required Retin A in combination with one of their lightening creams at night.

Well, the products were a great deal more expensive and I wasn't getting any better results than I did when I was using your products (I use both the oil and the drops).

Then my sister convinced me that I needed to try some Avon products - Vitamin C serum, All in One Creams, etc...So I started using these products for a few weeks... Gradually my face began breaking out like crazy....Worse than it has for years... I had swollen red acne type sores all over and they just wouldn't heal.

Finally, I remembered your products and fortunately, still had quite a bit left (I purchased the largest bottles during my last purchase).

It took only a couple of days to see a difference and my face was beginning to clear up.

Now I'm going to stick to using Blemish-Be-Gone!

I use the oil in the mornings after washing my face, like a moisturizer and I apply my makeup after it has a few minutes to absorb.

I use both the oil and the drops at night, and things are looking much better.

I love the products and I intend to continue using them....

(the next day:)

The extreme method really helped me to get a good start at cleaning up the mess that was created by using the AVON products... I slowly switched over to the moderate method.

Now, unless a special situation occurs, I simply apply the oil all over my face and then I apply a layer of the drops and allow to dry before bed.

- Hazel Berry, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina USA