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What A Relief

What A Relief

Want to know what customers are saying about the effectiveness of our New Skin™ products? This is just one more testimonial voluntarily sent to us by a satisfied customer. Enjoy the following What A Relief story and be convinced of the natural healing, that you too, can experience by using our skin care products.



(after unsuccessful laser surgery more than once...and then discovering New Skin) ...The closer that I am getting in seeing my scars go away the more excited I am about continuing with the treatment - I really can't wait for the final results.

You have been such a help in answering all of my concerns and questions, I can't tell you how much this has made a difference in having confidence that New Skin really does work.

It's such an amazing product and I'm so thankful that I found it... (later on:

) ...I think that I am towards the end of my scar treatment but I'm still very much committed to getting them completely gone.

I can remember last year at this time I was scheduling my appointment for a second laser treatment for the scar on my face for the price of $400.

Now that I see my scars going away I want to cry about all of the pain, not to mention expense, I experienced in the past three years of my life wondering if anything would take the scars away.

I'm guessing that I spent upwards of $1500 trying to get rid of my scars with all of the lotions, oils, and two costly laser treatments.

This is going to be the best and happiest Christmas for me in three years; I still can't thank you enough.

I would really like to include a personal thank you for your genuine interest in what I have experienced.

I know that it made a huge difference with me sticking with the treatment because everything else I have tried has been completely disappointing.

Nothing else has been guaranteed to work, for instance with the laser surgery my doctor told me specifically that he could only improve the appearance of my scar, but do nothing to permanently remove it.

You can imagine my frustration and sadness when he said this because I despised looking into the mirror everyday with a scar on my face.

I even went through a long period of being depressed about the scar because I thought I would have to accept it for life.

Now that the scar is going away, even though it has been a gradual process, I have been feeling so much better about myself.

Some people can accept their scars and I applaud them for having that ability, but I associate my scar with something I did to myself, albeit by accident.

In January 1996 my former dermatologist gave me glycolic acid which was too strong for me to perform at home and it literally ate into my skin.

It would have been fine if he performed the glycolic peel in his office so he could monitor it but the peel was not meant for an inexperienced patient to do at home.

I won't go into details because what occurred at that particular time in my life was way too painful for me to resurface the memories, I felt ashamed about what I did to myself.

The result of the peel was equivalent to a severe burn and luckily I didn't apply the glycolic acid to my entire face.

I don't even want to remember that year, I held a lot of resentment to myself and most of all, my doctor, who I trusted to help me maintain a nice complexion and instead it was ruined from his poor judgment.

I spent so much money for products and procedures like expensive herbal peels in trying to heal the scar but it never improved.

I searched hours on the Internet and ordering products that were formulated for scars but nothing work.

I looked in numerous books to try to find a solution but I couldn't find anything that would specifically work for scars, only ways to prevent them from forming.

I feel so much guilt for the expense, which resulted from this, and it deeply affected me emotionally.

I had a second laser surgery in January 1998 but I still didn't experience an improvement, the scar was still there and another $400 wasted.

Rose hip seed oil seemed promising but it wasn't convenient or attractive to go around with a big glob of grease on my face, that phase lasted for less than a month.

Then in searching the Internet in October for scars I came across the New Skin site and I honestly was intrigued by what the product promised.

The guarantee is what caught my attention the most because I thought to myself that the product surely must deliver in order to have that much confidence in it.

I also was thinking that if New Skin doesn't work, then nothing else will because I was losing hope at this point.

I am still into my treatment with New Skin and my primary motivation for staying with it even in the earlier stage of my treatment is because of the product support.

I still will visit the New Skin website for encouragement because I am just amazed by what the product is able to do.

When you realize that there is really no other way to get rid of scars completely, then you have to be taken aback by the description of New Skin as a natural product that can actually heal the skin from the inside out.

I have extremely sensitive skin and I'm not a quick healer, but I put so much commitment into giving New Skin a chance and I'm so pleased with the results.

All the persistence in trying to find a scar remedy has helped me in a tremendous way.

Not only is my skin looking like new again, but I am letting go of my previous resentments and frustrations in dealing with my scar.

Soon it will be gone and that is only part of what matters most.

In the greater scheme of things I have learned that persistence really does pay off in all areas of life.

I really do consider New Skin to be a godsend as so many can find a real and permanent solution to their scars.

My intention in writing this is to allow others to read about my experience in order to better understand that having scars is now a choice, you don't have to live with them if you don't want to.

It's a relief to finally find something that works and I know that sharing my experience is also an important component in the healing process.

New Skin has made such a profound difference in my life, I wish the best to those who have scars and hope that you will experience a final resolution to dealing with them with New Skin.

(later on:

) I just wanted to let you know how I'm doing with my treatment.

I'm getting much better results using New Skin Oil in conjunction with New Skin Blemish Drops.

It's making the skin where the scar is much smoother and softer and even though there is still some trace of the scar, the skin overall is much improved.

I am certainly going to continue until I got the very last trace of the scar gone.

- Anonymous, Texas USA